Colors and tastes are even discussed at the ynsocial office of the Kusadasi social media advertising agency. Our only red line is the line we use in our designs. We got our energy not from coffees but by transforming our work into entertainment. It is hard work to be in front of the screen, it is more difficult if the screen is in front of you :) During the installation day came at 3 in the night, day came at 6 in the morning.
Sometimes we worked in the office, sometimes on the beach, and sometimes we worked on the mountain slopes and grass away from people, asphalt noise and noise. What makes us us is not our only value for money, but for human gain. As a matter of fact, all the systems that were not based on human values ​​but focused on what they achieved as a result of the work collapsed. None of the efforts to make money alone brought absolute happiness.
Throughout our digital brand consultancy of local, national and global companies, we received full points from all our customers without exception.

Yunus Emre Project manager
Yunus Emre
İnanç Avadit Brand Consultant
İnanç Avadit
Flash Secruty
Ömer Künül Art Director
Ömer Künül
Atila Yüksel Brand Consultant
Atila Yüksel
Naciye Designer


Ayvalık Balıkçısı
Ömer Holiday Resort
Melis Hotel
Detay Fotoğrafçılık
Royal Caribbean Cruise