Mobing by Knowledge

Mobing by Knowledge

A good gardener "Today I have 100 cubic meters of water, I will not give all three cubic meters of water to you. Which plant knows how much water needs. Who wants the sun, who knows the kind of soil that gives fruit. do not do.

In a balanced community of fish, where sharks are predators at the top, each creature has a special task. When performing this task, for example, coral reefs that can come to the shark that adds resistance to catastrophes; Are you crazy, ignorant ignorant, I am the king of this place. What am I supposed to do with these stupid grazing fish? I need red king crab, I need head, I get trot! he does not shout. Despite its large size, it has been around for centuries to eat grazing fish that eat the microscopic plants that inhabit corals.

What about the human being?

Masculine people (male and female) do not really read. Instead of influencing the person he deems weak in the direction of knowledge, he is merely an argument for holding power. Neither a desperate gardener nor a shark obligation. A completely conscious orientation. He uses knowledge as a means of power. To defeat his partner with political science, to suppress with his vast accumulation (!), To use this situation as a silencing tool with the arguments he can use outside his field; it makes us think that intellectual love is in demand regardless of profession. But he's forgetting something. It is different to have knowledge, to present and produce that knowledge with intelligence.

So why does one need to do that?
We are species that are inherently interested. Some provide this focus from physical inheritance from genetics, while others provide intellectual isolation from genitalia. Those who believe that they are born fortunate do not accumulate data in society that do not provide rational benefit called "unnecessary information". In other words, it continues its life with superficial information that is fun oriented or earning a livelihood. Because of the external appearance or the curiosity of aroused in a certain group of society has been able to. Why would he make extra effort and remember who actually discovered America? He never had a space to use it.

This is where the film begins. The cognitions I have described above, which confront these people, begin mental mobbing because they enjoy using information as a means of violence. In other words, when talking or corresponding with him, "I like it when you googlelattir me something, or how did you have so much information, I want to discuss with you the philosophy of political science, science, but I see myself inadequate, which makes me sad," he burned. It'il be worse if he didn't say it.
Because he's going to be under pressure that he can't be aware of.

He doesn't come like a gardener and give the person the soil, manure, water he needs. He beat him with qualities he didn't have. Nor is it modest, like a shark feeding on fish that eat micro-organisms in coral reefs. It absorbs both spirit and energy, because it's not intending, it's hypnosis. Suddenly he took on the role of mentor, trainer and supervisor for the following reasons:

He prefers not to violate the obedience of his intelligence, to the people who want to use sapiosexuality as gender and use it only as a display dummy. In short, he wants his intelligence worshiped.

It is gratifying that the majority of people in our country, such as horticulture and shark, are in the majority. On the other hand, in general, those who do not know the distinction between perception of wisdom and domination are also active roles.

This kind of high-pitching does not happen accidentally, the perception of wisdom is a conscious movement. However, it should be remembered that dogmatic people are always alone and die alone. They are in a narcissistic ambition not to have the ideas but to realize that they have become slaves.

Don't look for someone to admire. Be sure to get rid of the pressure you need to know everything. Do not let the perception of wisdom come from an area that you will not be interested in, while you are specialized in two different fields. Discover yourself. Whatever you believe has created you, it has not created you with equipment in need of a leader. Rather than put it in the ideas of others, be your shepherd.

(This perspective was interpreted for a purely private group. No generalizations or stereotype descriptions were included. Qualifications were not interpreted by gender as they were valid for both men and women.

It is a controversial article. There is no scientific side. It's completely subjective. )


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