You don't understand me

You don't understand me

The source of hate and love is nurtured from the same place. It depends on how you manage it. You do not react equally to two different people who display the same behavior, humor or annoying words. What do we do when hatred rises or love develops? Let's put as many fake faces as we can on the other person, yet we'il project him. Do you feel hatred or angry with me? In this anger and hatred, you forget yourself completely; I'm your only target. In the same way, if you have a love for me, you will forget yourself completely and I will be the target again. Whichever love or hate you have, you reflect it to me. You completely forget the inner center of your being and the center becomes the other. We can also get the reason that people in love liken everyone on the street. Projection.

I love you. A normal feeling. That you are the source of our love. In fact, it is not; my source. You're just a curtain where I reflect my love. You're just a curtain where I reflect my love. I love you very much, not 'you', but me. I've been collecting my love energy for years. I have all the sources of this special word of love that I have created from flowers, fights, books, my soul, that is, all the commodities that are lived or imagined. You may not be loving for someone else, you may be totally repulsive. So why?

If you were the source of my love, why doesn't everyone else feel a love for you; one reflects hatred, the other is envy, another is hatred, the other is intention, some focused on the outside, some assets. Why do you love others if you're the source? Some are indifferent, for example; She may not even look at you.
The main reason for this; We reflect our own moods on others. What we have is hatred or anger; love or affection, compassion or cruelty… none of them is caused by the other's behavior. It's all in your presence.

Stay focused. Don't forget you're the source and don't go to the other, go to the center. When you feel hatred, don't go on target. Go to the point where the hate comes out. Don't go to the person you hate, go to the center where the hate comes from. Go to the station, go inside. Use your hatred, your love, your anger, or anything as a journey to the inner center, to the source. Go to the source and stay focused there. When you get to the bottom, you'il see why you love someone, why you hate it, why you're in love. You'il find out if he really is sincere. You will bring out all the secrets hidden in the molecules of the source you feed. Get in the center. And touch it.

Someone insulted you. Suddenly you get angry, you get overheated. Anger flows towards the person who insults you. Now you're gonna put all this anger on him. But he didn't do anything. If he insulted you, what did he do? He only poked you, helped raise the anger. But that anger is yours. He was just a curtain,
It's not the source, you're always the source. The other hits the source, but if there is no anger in it, the anger cannot rise. That's why I love people who have good spirits. You touch the hatred in you, smiling, hugging you. You get access to the source inside, and when you feed from that source, you rest for two hours a day. Because there is pure, pure peace.

If you put a bucket in a dry well, nothing comes out. You put a bucket in a well filled with water and water comes out, but the water is from the well. The bucket only helps him out. So when someone insults you, it just hangs a bucket into it and then buckets with anger, hatred or anger. You're the source, remember.

If someone loves you, go to the source. If he has the same love for others, you're just going to be a curtain there. Just like previous curtains, when you no longer have the task of projection, you begin to touch the source of hate. Because he has exhausted, and all that remains is that he can reflect on you; Orum I don't understand you anymore ”. However, people do not have a molecule too deep to be understood.

Whenever there is a mood in favor or against it, go into it and go to the source of this hate or love. Stay focused there; go to destination. Do not be fooled. Don't let them cheat on you. If you accept the duty of being a curtain, you will wear out. Someone gave you a chance to realize your own anger… Thank him immediately and forget him. Close your eyes, move inside and look at the source of this love or anger now. Where does it come from? Go inside, move inside. You will find the source there because the anger comes from your source. Optimize. Trust is all you need for healing. Trust yourself and touch yourself.

We always use our feelings to go to the other, and we get angry when we can't find a contact person to reflect it or think that he doesn't understand us. Then we even project them to inanimate objects. I saw people getting angry at the remote and throwing them in anger. What are they doing?


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