Stay at home

Stay at home

Turkey, the republic has not yet 97 years old, jumping through many different trials and hardships are a young country. It is moving from a country on the edge of the cliff to a new country with increased awareness. In this way, it may not have been able to settle some behavior, and not be able to remove its skin. This does not make her citizen ignorant. Masses with different ideologies that cannot be compromised under normal conditions; After the curfew, there is always a mouth when people have negative results such as people forming tails in all ovens. Probably, you are too afraid of this audience. Because a person is a wolf. On the other hand, few people touched on the wrong decision of the administration. Our people are not ignorant. Just by being aware, we can consciously choose to be bad, if you want to use a strict term; brother people are not ignorant, you can say pure evil ... But perhaps there are subconscious factors that led him to such preferences?

It has been 100 years since Canakkale. Hunger, famine, poverty and absence did not pass. He passed on to our grandmothers and to our mothers. Even children now know that mothers should be healthy during pregnancy. At that time, let alone find a bar of soap and food. Of course, it would be a painful process to create a healthy society. The development of the country would be delayed when poverty was added to education.
We have come one step ahead in 20 years. Nowadays, the average age of those who run the country is 65. In other words, Çanakkale products. They came from a hungry, poverty-deficient period. We cannot expect any decision from these administrations to have healthy results. There are still stories about their mothers telling about their thinking. We are living with the worry that there may be war at any moment and famine can happen at any moment. Naturally, the streets were filled before I could fully realize what the curfew last night meant.

John Adams: I should think about the war that my children should think about mathematics and physics. They should consider mathematics and physics so that my grandchildren should consider music and art. "While our grandparents were fighting for the liberation, our fathers unfortunately turned towards increasing family members, not mathematics and physics.
They also had good justifications for them: They devoted the investment to making children, fearing that there would always be war again; 8 children were made because one died and the other got sick. The plan was good, but there was no war. He burst in the hands of 8 children. Moreover, you have no accumulation. What will you do now?

Here's an unnecessary burst of energy that grows to you. A 30 years later, the country became the country with the youngest population in the world. This young population is hungry in every way. To science, religion, socialization, sexuality and economy. Our top generation, the plan of our fathers, destroyed the country.
We were left as a generation that missed the bus. We cannot behave traditionally, nor can we keep up with the West. We can neither fall in love nor establish a company. We only enrich the sons of fathers who made 2 children in a confused time.

One of us says buy our house as the spirit of war of our grandparents. One of us is a worker as a poor literature of our fathers, you stay as a worker. Our other side, while our brothers are preparing for the entrepreneurship that my son is European, says another part of our own voice, how many .. Blow on 4 sides !!

The remaining z generation from us is laylaylom !! He has just grasped the life that he has reached in his 20s and he misinterpreted it too .. They throw the blame on us! We couldn't solve ourselves, let's guide you. If we try to teach, we are into your life :)

He said that all my hope is youth, but the youth that has come to that day has destroyed all hopes. Now primary school children are left. And eventually, young families had the consciousness of educating them while they were still in the womb. 3 years old 2 language-speaking babies are coming I love them when I see them

These children will become robots who invent robots. As long as we don't touch them. Let's not restrict and say, do not make my daughter a shame, and subject to special education. The MEB curriculum written by the children of our grandfathers, whom I mentioned, has not yet settled. Do what and send it to private.

The children of a 3-generation university community deal with science. Children of a society that is dealing with 3 generations of politics and everyday life concerns are extremely happy watching football. It's that simple .. Which one of you studied genetic engineering? Do not ask this state of the country.

Ask what happens to me and try to be the best regardless of the chapter you are reading. For example, don't ask someone who you meet for the first time, where are you from? In order for us to be able to ask if you have published any papers, you should discard the behaviors you have received from your father.

You changed, the world will be change!


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