The plague of our age: LIKE FAILURE.

The plague of our age: LIKE FAILURE.

The plague of our age: LIKE FAILURE.

In recent years, there has been an increase in #SocialMedia channels, users who upload "only good things", clad in intense filters, have increased (I wish our lives were as cheerful and sparkling as our social media posts).

Let's examine # affirmation, a term we are exposed to because of these sparkling and "extremely happy" lives gushing out from the screens.

Let's remind the limbic system first; It's the part of our brain that deals with emotional and behavioral responses. Amygdas are the center of emotional responses such as fear, stress and anxiety. During stress, the control mechanism takes immediate action to defend itself and strives to eliminate that stressful moment without thinking about the result. Because emotions do not distinguish between good and bad. If there is stress, it should be resolved immediately and act immediately. This requires you to get away from the chaos, stress and fear you are in with the method of "affirmation".

However, we think we eliminate stress with affirmation. Our brains often want to repeat this short-term happy workaround. Like lots of sharing. Like lots of laughter. Share sparkling stories endlessly. Check who looked, who liked it. Relax. And repeat this. Look at this device every hour of the day, don't let it go until you're addicted to LED lights. The stress goes away. Look, it is very nice too, I should share this too. When we return to real life, we realize that we cannot manage the stress we encounter. You see him losing his productivity due to the affirmation neither in the family, in bilateral relations, nor in social media at work. Because the only goal is "whatever I do I get likes".

#Socialmedya, which operates the rewarding mechanism through likes, does not experience the opposite, that is, receiving less likes does not function as a punishment mechanism, so the existence in this area is only through affirmation. Here is the point where he broke with real life. Without negating the satisfaction provided by social media, it is necessary not to magnify it and determine why the user needs it. This should be evident with clear lines, and objectives such as meeting friends, shopping and obtaining information should be defined. An undefined travel, on the other hand, runs the chains of the aforementioned broken mechanism and social media rushes to the center of life with its broken satisfaction. The center should always be organic, not digital.

However, every emotion, positive or negative, has a place in our lives. Lack of opportunity to experience negative emotions prevents the fulfillment of these existing functions.

After the inflated affirmation burst, the balances can be disrupted when there is no response in reality. It is necessary to inflate the broken self-confidence again. So how? Of course # Personal Development books. Let's do an NLP now. These blow-out-blow-out actions, which create a saliva effect, may even cause behavioral disorders after a while.

We know from researches that positive life events and emotions strengthen both psychological and physical health. However, the main issue here starts with ignoring the fact that these life events and emotions cannot be permanent. In short, "everything will not always be good." and "never everything has to be beautiful."
"We are not living creatures sent to the world to be happy"

Just as a drug is life-saving only in the right dose and toxic in an overdose, so is positivity. Everything is poison; the important thing is the dose. Excessive #positivity almost suffocates the person, because there is no room for difficulties or bad things. At first it seems to work, we think it encourages the person, but the relief we think it provides takes the person away from interest and compassion.
# Like, with the self-confidence broken due to his failure, it causes sharing and behaviors beyond normal.
And a news about the growing procedure of a tomato, who does not know the growth stage of a bird, emerges. When the charge is over everything ends.

Some of the affirmative sentences: Never give up, don't be so negative, if you think well you better, you exaggerate there are those who are worse than you, thank you, they will pass, never mind, don't worry anymore, get joyful, men don't cry. Instead, sentences containing support and empathy;
Sometimes it is okay to stop and take a break, it is normal to think like this right now, I understand you sometimes things may not go well, I realize that it is difficult, so I am with you, you need time, you may encounter negative and positive aspects in this process, but I want you to know that I understand you.

We will share music on toxic relationships after toxic affirmation in the coming days. Keep unfollowing us :)


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