Is One Perfect Living Human?

Is One Perfect Living Human?

In 6, Clee Backster, a well-known lie detector expert in the United States, spent another sleepless night at his school, where he trained security officers to use the polygraph device. Then, just for fun, he placed the polygons' electrodes on his huge leafy tropical plant. Since the polygraph measured the electrical changes of various horror, joy, and confusion situations, he laughed mockingly, perhaps because the plant was happy when it poured water. When he watered the plant, the galvanometer went down, drawing zigzags.

Yet Backster was waiting for an upward movement. He didn't see the reaction he expected when he put his leaf in hot coffee. When he finally decided to take the match and burn the plant, everything changed. The plant wildly made the galvanometer's hand peak. He couldn't believe it, Backster. “What do you mean?” He said to himself, “Did the plant read my thoughts? Önünde A new world was opening up in front of human history. The experiments chased the experiments. It turned out that plants not only read thoughts but also feel everything around them.

The plants felt the death of the shrimps thrown into boiling water and the pain when the needle stuck in their hands. Even felt miles and miles away, he felt the joy and sorrow. He was even unconscious. One day when a botanist from outside the city came in, all the plants went silent. There was no reaction from any of them. It was like all of them had gone into silence. However, that lady 45 minutes after getting on the plane from the airport began to react again. When she learned that the female botanist had dried the plants and made measurements, Backster realized that when they saw the lady, the plants fainted with fear. He designed an experiment. He assigned 6 assistants different tasks to do at the same time on the same night. One of the tasks was to come in the middle of the night and dismantle one of the plants in the lab. The next day, when the helper who smashed the plant came in that night, all the plants started screaming like crazy (that's what the galvanometer's hands call the ceiling, Backster).

From this experiment it became clear that plants not only feel, but also have memories. and some forensic cases in the United States began to resort to witnessing plants. Plants never gave the wrong result because they did not know what lies. When these studies began to be published as an article, scientists from all over the world began to work on the subject. The results are unimaginable. A ripped leaf can survive for months longer than the normal leaf if you say good words to it

120 km away from a pain, can feel the joy. He can read people's thoughts and memorize those who do evil. It also shares this information with other plants. He even commits suicide from the sorrow of the abused plant.

If the plant is dehydrated, he shares his own water with him. Plants have sensitivity beyond our dreams to communicate with all living things. Each of them is part of nature. Maybe one day if we can better understand them, they can even tell us all the experiences of history. Avatar is the source of inspiration for these studies and the results obtained. Let us know that if a plant is mistreated anywhere in the world, all plants feel it. They say değil Kirazlı is not Kaz Mountain ya or, sure, the pain of a tree cut in Kirazlı is not only felt in Kaz Mountains, but also in Munzur, Northern Forests, Salda and Taurus Mountains .. One day we will feel the painful experiences.

Peter Tompkins / Christopher Bird gizli the secret life of plants "


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