Triple Plug Generation

Triple Plug Generation

How many items you don't use at home right now? Think in detail from kitchenware to bathroom products and wardrobe.

You've seen hundreds of thousands of movies, series, books, magazines, interviews and advertisements that directly and indirectly say that the path to happiness is through purchasing. Particularly since the 2001 crisis, purchasing behavior that has provided rational benefit has been replaced by emotional purchasing behavior. As advertisers, we said if you bought that outfit, you'd look like this. We said if you put that smell on, they'il find you sexy. We've produced countless subliminal ingredients to make you feel better if you take these. After a while you started to live and work for the sake of having all this.

This marketing strategy was originally started with La Fontaine, a rich sunnah. It injected and poisoned the dreams that people should work constantly with the fables he wrote. We've been cursing the Cicada for years. We created an expression of working like an ant, but we couldn't understand that we were fooled by a snob because, as Mark Twain said, it is easier to deceive people than to convince them they are.

Let me give you an example of how we guide your buying behavior: How many of us remember the names of the characters in our most popular Ninja Turtles in our childhood? Or how many of us know who those characters are in real life? One of the first things that come to mind when you say Ninja Turtles is PIZZA! Ops! Well, doesn't turtle eat pizza?

Pizza is nice brands such as Turkey had found a virgin markets. In the feasibility reports, it was noted that this country did not consume pizza and that it would be difficult to compete in the first place as the alternative food products such as pita and lahmacun are in demand. Research results were also higher than television viewing rate in Turkey than in Europe. And most of all the children watched cartoons, as in other underdeveloped countries.

Children are at the top of the purchase. Although the decision-maker may seem like a mother or father, children are actually the most important decision-makers. Market research experts who observe that when a child cries, their parents take it immediately, the target audience is directly children. All pieces have been combined and after each success to Ninja Turtles revealed, let's eat PIZZA! scenario.

Years later, these children would grow up and eat pita and lahmacun in university settings would be considered out of date, but burying it in the pizza with his hand would create a more modern image. Here is an excellent lifetime advertising!

When you examine your whole life in detail so far, you realize that no idea belongs to you and that your behavior is not original. You will notice that your behavior, which is formed by internal and external factors, is healed by breaking and you get to the essence when someone strikes the truth like slapping in the face. As a matter of fact, sometimes it takes a break to flourish.

The basis of a minimal life should be to consume as much as you produce instead of take as much as you need. What did you produce up to this age when we evaluated it as an individual? No more American Dream. And the land of Istanbul has ceased to be gold. Resources are running out. The human population is increasing day by day. The resources are shared among a certain group and the income distribution becomes more ungenerated. What is left to do to the younger generation? The rush to pursue a life that focuses on individual life remains. But wait a second! He's not supposed to show it outside. I should have the perception that I have money. So how? By buying plenty. By sharing lots of photos. By constantly playing the role of the consumer.


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