Hi I'm Atheist of Big Data

Hi I'm Atheist of Big Data

Data is Evolved

Measure, save and accumulate. These are the most primitive steps to advance since Adam. From the beginning everyone crawled like this and then ran. Those who were in place were those who listened to the sound of his heart.

This was the development of mathematics and astrology. Egyptians provided the calendar with this method. Hittites counting the products in the warehouses went on the way to become a great state. This is how the developed justice system in their countries and the first examples of women's rights that we know in the world emerged. Measure, save and accumulate.

When we go down to the foundations of people who make the world beautiful and stamp their history, they do not have ultra intelligence; We see that it has achieved success thanks to concepts such as 'organized, plan, program, control, coordinator, vision, mission and strategy', which do not have an accepted equivalent in Turkish.

Galileo, studying and recording the heavens, finally knocked down the spirit of his age. He rejected the Earth-centered system against the Scholastic Church. When the Inquisition decides to execute her and they deny that the world has returned, the story is silently called 'eppur si muove'. Just because the data says so.

Some people used the data to see the future. In Newton's deterministic world, watching the data was enough to know what they would be. That's what the physics of the day said. Nowadays, in order to see the wreath, it is necessary not to touch the time machine but to touch the buttonhole of man. If you have the ability to touch, it will come out obvious.

Darwin's most controversial idea in Sexual Selection was evolution. But perhaps his real dangerous idea was the unpredictability and randomness of development in living beings. That's what the data called him. What does your data in the development universe tell you? Have you been able to assemble the small pieces and create your own evolution? Or are you going to pursue a random life and disappear into homoeractus?

When he embarked on a subatomic world journey in the early 1900s, mankind saw that nothing followed a predetermined path. On the contrary almost everything was incidental!

It was necessary to unite the subatomic and superatomic (macro) world and to give a setting to the random universe model that defies the human mind. This was unacceptable for Einstein, who only determined the direction of physics by thinking and putting it on paper. The famous saying Tanrı God does not throw dice gel came at this time.

Scientists look at the data and try to predict how many dice can come. More data and statistical methods lead to science. Data and probability draw the direction of science. In the light of these data, we produce formulas of absolute happiness in social life. In the street: read, go to the army, become a profession, marry, have children and then die. God does not roll dice; but you roll dice for important decisions in your own life. While you are not even asked to determine the direction of physics, you also lose the direction of your own path. Measure, save and accumulate.

The CERN experiment uses data and probability to understand the conditions at the beginning of time and gravitational waves at LIGO. In order to understand the nature of the universe, probability is used as a bridge between past and present. This is a huge accumulation that today brings a solution to the problem of existence.


Many services used are either being registered to networks or are about to be registered. Every day, we're producing huge amounts of data. Knowingly or unknowingly. We did this most while presenting all the data on social media. In the near future, there will be parents who spend their childhood on social media.

The methods used to establish the link between the past and present of the universe are used to understand your consumption habits and even the dynamics that activate you when purchasing a product.

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