Social Media Packages

According to the needs of your brand, we create a package from the following services and offer you a special price offer. Instead of forcing you into a ready-made package and imposing services that you do not need, as a result of preliminary research, we identify the most suitable social media channels for your business. Thus, neither you have entered the expense nor we have been wasted.

Setting up pages
Integration of pages
Profile and cover designs
Design of social media templates
Celebration of 30 special day occasions
Setting up an advertising account
Accelerated private course
2-week after-sales support
3 shares per week
3 Social media platform management
1 Live broadcast per month
10 Designs per month
1 Special video per 2 month
3 Sponsored ads per month
All social media platforms
7/24 Message tracking
7/24 Comment tracking
1 Special video per month
20 Special design per month
Daily shares
Weekly live broadcasts
Fully supported ad management
Crisis management
Competitor analysis
Monthly reports
Digital brand consultancy
7/24 Comments and review management
Evaluation / crisis management
Advertising management
Special occasion/celebration posts
Management of Google Maps
Competitors analysis
Monthy reports
7/24 messages management
Interactive contests/games
Live sharings
Real followers
Special designs
Promotional clips
Product shots
Management of search engines
Creating brand image
Reaching potential customers
Daily stories
Costumer relations
Hotel photography
Promotion clips
Market research
Reservation support
TripAdvisor management
Service entries
Reservation focused advertisements
In hotel digital activities
Staff motivation
Staff education
Reservation software
Online payment system
Hotel applications
Hotel systems
Repeat guest relations
Complaints management
Rival analysis
Monthly reports

Project Mission

As a Kuşadası Digital Advertising Agency, ynsocial, we are being solution partner for your brand. We share the current quality of your business with all your potential customers by using the power of social media accurately and timely. We take care of every one-to-one followers and show how much your brand cares about its costumers. We use the social media language to create an emotional connection with our followers while bringing the quality you have demonstrated in real life to the digital world.

Project Vision

Thanks to the increasing communication speed with the globalizing world, only brands that have sufficient representation in the digital world can survive. With this representation, it is possible to reach new markets or visions either locally or globally. Thanks to this bilateral relationship with the digital world, a more conscious customer base is formed and your brand's horizons are expanded. We see these services as indispensable for your brand.


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