We opened the digital door opening from Kuşadası to the world. And on the threshold of this door are the main basic questions. We share these questions with you from our situations where we provide the most information flow with our solution partners.

Will social media management payments be monthly?

Yes. The social media management fee you receive from digital advertising agencies is paid monthly until the contract is valid. This payment varies depending on the reliability of the agency and its solution partners, but is usually made after the end of the work.

Are photos and videos included in social media management?

No, not included. Photography and video are separate branches of art. Each of them must be prepared by a team of experts. Social media management only specifies what kind of photos are needed, which videos should be shared. And if there is a different company he works with, or if he employs a team that creates photos and videos in his own company, he bills them as a separate item. As Ynsocial, we have a separate team for photography and video.

Just instagram is not enough?

Think of the Internet as an octopus, each arm has a separate task but serves only one purpose. Facebook, twitter, google, such as the other arms should be fed at the same rate. If you just want to walk through instagram, you will try to promote your brand with one arm. Whether you're a boutique business or a five-star hotel, you'll have to share in all branches with at least 2 months of work.

What does social media consulting include?

It covers all digital transactions such as message management, evaluation / scoring follow-up, comment controls, shares, slogans and texts to be used in shares, instant broadcasts of incoming requests to relevant units, and crisis management.

Do you also make a website?

Yes. Website design and software are among the services we provide. We analyze what kind of website you need, user experience and all other details for you and analyze it with our own team. We make the necessary interventions during the follow-up and development of the work.


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